Game Time Leauges High School Rules

Game Time Leagues High School Baseball Rule Book 2019

Game Time Leagues High School (GTLHS) will abide by all National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Rules as set forth by the Georgia High School Associations (GHSA). Rule Book is available by clicking the link below.

NFHS Rule Book

GTL High School will implement the following Baseball Amendments for competition for the Fall of 2019 and Summer 2020


1. Game Play Amendments

Amendment 1.1 - All Games will have a 1 hour and 50 min time limit or 7-innings, which ever comes first. No new inning can start after the 1:50 time limit.

Amendment 1.2 - Each Team needs to present a lineup card to the press box before every game that includes name, number, and position

Amendment 1.3 - No Game Protests – Site Supervisor makes a determination at time of dispute

Amendment 1.4 - Free Substitution – Coaches can make as many substitutions as needed/wanted, but all position changes and lineup changes need to go through the umpire and Field Worker in order to keep statistics as close as possible. 

Amendment 1.5 - Open Lineup – You can bat as many players as you want. All players not playing a position are to be listed as EH

Amendment 1.6 - If you do not have any subs on the bench, the last batted out will serve as the courtesy runner for the pitcher or Catcher

2. Bat Amendments

Amendment 2.1 – GTL High School allows certified BBCOR -3 bats or -3 Wood Bats *No other bats can be used*

3. Weather Amendments

Amendment 3.1 - GTL High School Rain Out Policy – Games will be called due to Rain at the earliest 2 hours before scheduled game time. If the field conditions are unplayable before that window, then games will be cancelled accordingly.

Amendment 3.2 - GTL High School will not make up any rained out games until that team has had 20% of games rained out

Amendment 3.3 – GTL High School are considered a complete game once 4 innings are complete or the halfway mark of time limit (55 minutes) has passed.

4. Mound Visits

Amendment 4.1 – GTL High School allows one visit per inning, during the second visit to the same pitcher in the same inning the pitcher must be substituted out.

5. Pitch Count Amendments

Amendment 5.1 - Pitch Count will be in effect – Coaches will keep their own pitch counts and it will be averaged with the GameChanger Pitch Count (if different). If you decide not to keep a pitch count the GameChanger Pitch Count will be the official pitch count.

Amendment 5.2 –                Junior Varsity Division Max Pitches - 95        Varsity Division Max Pitches - 105                                On days a Double Header are played, pitches from Game 1 and Game 2 are added together for the total pitch count for the day. i.e. John throws 17 pitches in game 1 and 32 pitches in game 2, he will be required the amount of days rest in accordance with 49 pitches.

Amendment 5.3 – FINISH THE BATTER – A pitcher at either level, Junior Varsity & Varsity, shall be allowed to finish the batter when the pitch count limit is reached during an at bat, but shall be replaced immediately when the at bat ends. Coaches are encouraged to check with Field Worker on the number of pitches throughout the game, if they are not tracking their own pitch counts.

Amendment 5.4 - A day of rest is defined as a “calendar day.” Example: a pitcher has reached the 80-pitch limit on Thursday and shall not be allowed to pitch again until Tuesday.

Amendment 5.5 -  VIOLATION OF PITCH COUNT RULES – if a team has violated any of the pitch count provisions laid out above the team will forfeit the current game.